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New Mother Of God Vinyl Has Arrived!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Yet another release that was orginally to be included in our second batch of wax for 2013, but then the manufacturing joints all got backed up for RSD (Record Store Day)... This is a one time only Limited Edition run of 500 units pressed on 180g virgin vinyl, Single LP, Standard Jacket Upgrade, with Polyined Sleeves.

Mother Of God's Anthropos  was pressed on: 100 units of black, 200 units of solidl light green marble, 200 units of solid red (that was suppose to marble, but does not)... These are now available to purchase via Small Stone HQ and will also be in your favorite local Record Shop shortly.

Included in our next batch of ltd vinyl, which is currenlty at the plant and due back somtime later this Summer, are: Lo-Pan's Sasquanaut, Deville's Hydra, Sun Gods In Exile's Thanks For The Silver, and Mangoo's Neverland.

Other vinyl releases that are now in the pipeline and are currently on deck (but not quite at the plant yet - think Fall 2013 releases): Gozu's The Fury Of Patient Man, Supermachine's S/T, Novadriver's Void, Brain Police's S/T and Electric Fungus.

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