Neon Warship and La Chinga join the ranks at SSR.

Neon Warship and La Chinga join the ranks at SSR.

In our ever growing quest of aural pleasures, world domination, and a severe case of tinnitus, we here at Small Stone HQ are very pleased to announce the signing of two great new acts to our roster… Plus, there is the added bonus of both of them being power trios (we love power trios)!

La Chinga hail from Vancouver, BC and is full of swaggering boogie, dynamic grooves, and seem to think it is 1971 forever… Well, that works just fine for us! If you are a fan of Sasquatch, Dixie Witch, Halfway To Gone, then this band is right in your wheelhouse. La Chinga will start recording their Small Stone debut sometime in December of this year. In the meantime, feel free to go check them out over here…

Neon Warship come by way of Dayton, OH (yes we thought this was weird too) and step into some thicker heavy tones… They are full of smoking leads, crashing riffs and memorable ’90s-style vocal melodies, and have a little metallic gallop in their stride… So fans of Lo-Pan, Freedom Hawk, and Gozu will most likely gravitate towards the bands offerings. Neon Warship is currently working on their new material, so we do not have an exact production schedule to toss out there quite yet… Go here and have yourself a listen:


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