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36D – “Endomorphic Joy” (CD)

36D ( which stands for "36D") is the long-lost result of a loud union among some of Detroit's strongest bands. Recorded in the early months of 1991 and promptly held hostage in a messy divorce settlement, this lascivious powerfest joined Ed Alterman of Slot, Big Chief's Mark Dancey, Barry Henssler, and Phil Durr with Robert Eastway and Dan Ross of early 80's harder-than-hardcore outfit, Born Without A Face.

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A Thousand Knives Of Fire – “The Last Train to Scornsville” (CD)

Produced by Benjamin Grotto and Lee Stuart.Engineers: Bob Pantella, Lou Gorra, Paul Wiegand, Craig Riggs and Benjamin Grotto. Original tracking at Redline Archiving Ocean, NJ. Additional Recording & Mixing at Mad Oak - Allston, MA.Mastered by Chris Gooseman at Solid Sound & Baseline Audio Ann Arbor, MI.Artwork by Mark Dancey.


ABRAHMA – “Dusty Paths” (Dbl LP, Black/Gold)

This is a DOUBLE Vinyl LPRecord 1: BlackRecord 2: Gold180 gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.TRACKLIST:1. Alpha2. Neptune Of Sorrow3. Tears Of The Sun4. Dandelion Dust5. Honkin' Water Roof6. Loa's Awakening (Prelude)7. Vodun Pt.1: Samedi's Awakening8. Big Black Cloud (Feat. Ed Mundell)9. Headless Horse10. Vodun Pt.2: I, Zombie11. Oceans On Sand...12. ...Here Sleep ghosts13. Vodun Pt.3: the Final Asagwe14. The Maze15. Omega


ABRAHMA – “Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird” (CD)

TRACKLIST:1. Fountains Of Vengeance2. An Offspring To The Wolves3. Omens Pt. 14. Weary Statues5. Omens Pt. 26. Kapal Kriya7. Square The Circle8. Omens Pt. 39. A Shepherd's Grief10. ConiumThe quizzically-titled Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird arrives to further the sense of ritual in ABRAHMA’s sound. Songs heave with psychedelic fervor but also dig deeper into an influence from the early ‘90s Seattle rock scene, groups like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. One can hear their impact in the slow roll of a song like “An Offspring to the Wolves,” while elsewhere, “Omens Pt. 3” opens up to spacious riffing and a tripped-out feel. What makes ABRAHMA work so well, though, is that no matter where they go sound-wise, they never lose sight of their songwriting, guitarist/vocalist Seb Bismuth, guitarist Nicolas Heller, bassist Guillaume Colin and drummer Benjamin Colin making memorable, structured material out of an ether of effects swirl and echo...Note: This is a Pre-Order. Item will be Shipped around May 2015


ABRAHMA – “Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives” (CD)

Abrahma are four piece psychedelic stoner/desert rock band from Paris, France. They originally formed in 2005 under the name of Alcohsonic and they released one album, one EP, and a single under this name. Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives is their debut full length for Small Stone Records and the first under their new moniker.For fans of Kyuss, Dozer, Greenleaf and Monster Magnet to name but a few. Indeed former Monster Magnet and current 9 Chambers lead guitarist, Ed Mundell guests on the track Big Black Cloud.— The Sludgelord (Blog UK)


Acid King – “Busse Woods” (CD)

Lori S: Vocals & Guitar Joey Osbourne: Drums Brian Hill: Bass Recorded by Billy Anderson @ Division Hi-Fi Produced by Acid King


Acid King – The Early Years (remaster)

Sympathy for the Record Industry released the first Acid King recording, the self titled 10-inch (SFTR 316) in 1994 only on vinyl, and the first full-length, Zoroaster (SFTRI 379), in 1995. Both recordings have been out of print for many years... Until now!


ALL TIME HIGH – Friend in High Places (Remaster) (CD)

Van Conner sings backup vox on Rule of Thirds, Land of the Free and No Mind.Jack Endino sings backup vox on Twistin' the Knife Away, New Urge and Already Gone.Recorded and Mixed by Jack Endino at Soundhouse in Seattle, WA.Mastered by Chris Gooseman at Baseline Audio in Ann Arbor, MI.All Songs written and performed by All Time High.


ANTLER – “Nothing That a Bullet Couldn’t Cure” (CD)

Brian Strawn: Drums Iann Ross: Lead Guitar Craig Riggs: Vocals Dave Unger: Keys Marc Schleicher: Bass Tim Catz: Guitars Recorded & Produced By Riggs @ Mad Oak Studios - Allston, MA Mixed by Andrew Scneider Mastered By Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound - Ann Arbor, MI Artwork by Niff "Stumbling somewhere between Bob Seger and Nick Cave, ANTLER provide the perfect soundtrack for black outs, bad news, break ups and breakdowns." - CMJ Guide 2005


Backwoods Payback – “Momantha” (CD)

Fresh out of Small Stone Records’ favorite house of recording, Mad Oak Studios, comes West Chester, Pennsylvania’s own Backwoods Payback’s latest record, Momantha. This one is for fans of gritty wailing vocals and doomed out stoner riffs. Momantha is Backwoods Payback’s debut record on Small Stone Records and it lives up to the credentials, which is to say it certainly rocks hard.The Good, The Bad, and The Doomy…


Black Sleep of Kali – “Our Slow Decay” (CD)

This album is massive! In fact, it's not even an album. It's a 200 ton monolith emanating riffs of doom - causing all who approach it to bang their heads into epic rock oblivion."Our Slow Decay" is a record full of huge riffs, catchy vocals, and furious drumming. It's sure to leave a giant, smoldering, footprint on the the doommetal genre's collective ass cheek.


Blackwolfgoat – “Dragonwizardsleeve” (CD)

As a former member of alt-rockers Milligram, stoner rockers Roadsaw, and hard rockers Hackman, guitarist Darryl Shepard is no stranger to musical versatility, but his Read more


Blackwolfgoat – “Drone Maintenance” (CD)

“Drone Maintenance” is simply hypnotic at times while being melodic at others. You can only expect the unexpected, which is what one would listen to an album like this for. This album will challenge the listener to reevaluate what they feel an album should sound like. Fans of bands such as Sunn0))) and Earth should really give Blackwolfgoat a listen.- Wicked


Bottom – “you’rNext” (CD)

Sina: Guitar & Vox Nila: Bass Clementine: Drums Performed & Written by BOTTOM Produced by BOTTOM Recorded @ Get Reel Productions, San Francisco, CA Engineered by Tecate Rob Preston Mastered by Gary @ A. Hammer Mastering Artwork by Jon Weiss Graphic Design by Mahoko


Brain Police – Brain Police (CD)

  1. One Blow
  2. Return to the Lovechopper of Destiny
  3. Rocket Fuel
  4. Free Lovin' Temptress
  5. Love Mutha
  6. Dust Volver
  7. Johnny Babas
  8. El Duderino
  9. Iron Fist
  10. The Journey is the Destination
  11. Womble Dust
  12. Taste the Flower
  13. Jacuzzi Suzy


Brain Police – Electric Fungus (CD)

  1. Stay Rock
  2. Coed Fever
  3. Black Tulip
  4. 2113 (Sea Weed)
  5. Undercover Through Your Mother
  6. El Capitan (Raspberry Jam)
  7. Beefheart
  8. Mushcream Caravan
  9. Mr. Dolly
  10. Acid Machine Revisited


Deville – “Hydra” (CD)

Summary: Constantly oscillating between rampant and infectious, Hydra is a resounding triumph for Swedish heavy rock.Swedish heavy rock bands have always been inclined to deliver amazing 1970s-inspired music. On their third album, Malmö-based Deville are at the top of their game following the footsteps of such acclaimed outfits as Dozer, Lowrider and Truckfighters. Even though their prime influences are rather apparent, Deville opt for modern production that accentuates their fuzzy guitar tone placing their style in a distinctly contemporary context. The foursome ventures into heavy metal, alternative rock and even pop making all these arbitrary influences integral ingredients of their style. That's why, Hydra sounds more like an extension to the booming stoner rock scene than a relic of the past, embracing various directions that the quartet's peers usually steer clear of.Sputnik Music


Deville – “Hydra” (Vinyl- Black)

Constantly oscillating between rampant and infectious, Hydra is a resounding triumph for Swedish heavy rock.4.5 - Superb- Greg FisherSputnik Music


Deville – “Hydra” (Vinyl- Transparent Blue)

Constantly oscillating between rampant and infectious, Hydra is a resounding triumph for Swedish heavy rock.4.5 - Superb- Greg FisherSputnik Music


Deville – “Hydra” (Vinyl- Transparent Gold)

Constantly oscillating between rampant and infectious, Hydra is a resounding triumph for Swedish heavy rock.4.5 - Superb- Greg FisherSputnik Music


Deville – “Hydra” (Vinyl- Transparent Green)

Constantly oscillating between rampant and infectious, Hydra is a resounding triumph for Swedish heavy rock.4.5 - Superb- Greg FisherSputnik Music