“Massive guitar- wielding “… “Flowing percussion” … ” Great big bad-ass rock and roll “… Tu m m l e r brings sounds from the far reaches of the musical spectrum together to create pure and heavy rock and roll. Sound so unique it’s been described as heavy acid fuzz rock meets stoner rock meets metal meets good ol’ rock and roll. Tummler has been compared to a wide range of bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron B u t t e r f l y, and other late 60’s and early 70’s greats. Four rock enthusiasts came together to meet one common goal: to create rock so heavy it will knock you on your ass… And this is how it all started

Tummler was born in June of 1996 in Champaign, Illinois. In September of 1999 Tum ml r recorded a three song demo which led to their first full length album “Queen To Bishop VI” in June 2000 under the legendary Frank Kozik and Man’s Ruin Records. The Tummler crew remained all original until the close of 2001. Having witnessed the fall of Man’s Ruin, the memories were just too painful to continue… Or, the guitar player thought living in California would be worth leaving his life’s blood. Down to two members, Brad Buldak and Jay Vance began to rebuild.

Enter Ryan Jerzak and Ginchy… Together with Brad and Jay, the foursome has smoothed the rough edges, discovered their strengths, and coalesced into a force to be reckoned with. With the guts firmly packed into a new body, Tummler assembled at the Great Western Studio to record their second full-length album “Early Man”, with Matt Talbot (of HUM fame) whom has produced the bands finest recorded effort to date. “Early Man” is comprised of first rate production, strong material, a raw arsenal of sound coming out you.

Tummler looks forward to living up to the Small Stone tradition of heavy ass rock label mates such as Halfway to Gone, Puny Human, Five Horse Johnson, Fireball Ministry, Milligram, and Porn (The Men of) to name a few. With the production of their second album complete, Tummler can get back to what they do best… The live show… With hundreds of shows under theirbelt, Tummler has shared the stage with bands such as L7, Nebula, Honky, Orange Goblin, HTG, Gaza Strippers, Clutch, Nashville Pussy, Anti seen, Goatsnake, Fatso Jetson, Acid King, Cutthroats 9 , HUM, the Hookers, Cuda, Speedealer, High on Fire and many, many more.

Tummler has endured carbon monoxide poisoning, the death of an SG, brake failures in rush hour traffic and radiator blow ups to make it across the US several times for infamous festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, Emissions from the Monolith and SHOD. See you on the road…