SS-032 :: VARIOUS ARTISTS – Sucking The 70’s

SS-032 :: VARIOUS ARTISTS – Sucking The 70’s

Label: Small Stone Records

Release date: 2002

Catalog number: SS-032/2002


DIXIE WITCH - "On The Hunt"
DIXIE WITCH - "On The Hunt"
SPIRIT CARAVAN - "Wicked World"
SUPLECS - "Working Man"

Small Stone is proud to present “Sucking the 70’s.” An aural trip down memory lane… back to the good old days when Rock & Roll actually stood for something and you could get a groupie to give you head from Cleveland all the way to the New Jersey state line. No expense was spared for this one kids. We’ve gathered 35 bands, from 6 countries, across 4 continents to revisit the songs that were probably playing on your car radio when you first got laid (or some of you were conceived). From the first blast of guitar on Five Horse Johnson’s rendition of Mountain’s “Never in my life” to the last smoldering note of Gideon Smith’s take on Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher”, “Sucking the 70’s” is a rollercoaster ride through the classics that defined a decade. Of special note are Scott Reeder’s (Kyuss, Unida) solo debut, Broadsword featuring J. Yuenger’s first released material since leaving White Zombie, and Clutch’s smoking re-invention of Jethro Tull’s “Cross Eyed Mary” as well as Spirit Caravan’s final recorded effort.” From ballads to bong hit’s this collection has everything…except Stairway. So, strap on your roller skates and dig out your lava lamps: The 70’s are back with a vengeance. Sorry, no eight track version, this baby clocks in at 156+ minutes of ass kicking rock.

Side 1
Five Horse Johnson “Never In My Life”
Throttlerod “Black Betty”
Dixie Witch “On The Hunt”
Clutch “Cross Eyed Mary”
The Glasspack “T.V. Eye”
The Last Vegas “Free For All”
Halfway To Gone Can’t You See”
Suplecs “Working Man”
Puny Human “Travellin Band”
Raging Slab “We’re An American Band”
Los Natas “Brainstorm”
The Heads “For Madmen Only”
Lamont “Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings”
Backdraft “Child Of Babylon”
Black Nasa “I Dont Have To Hide”
Warped “Dog Eat Dog”
Hangnail “Bron-yr-stomp”

Side 2
Roadsaw “Vehicle”
Novadriver “20th Century Boy”
Alabama Thunderpussy “Hymn 43”
Disengage “Communication Breakdown”
Porn (The Men Of) “Out On The Weekend”
Milligram “Rumblin’ Man”
Tummler “Working For MCA”
Fireball Ministry “Doctor Doctor”
Spirit Caravan “Wicked World”
Lowrider “Freelance Fiend”
The Mushroom River Band “Walk Away”
Broadsword “Woman Tamer”
Doubleneck “Don’t Blow Your Mind”
Lord Sterling “Black To Comm”
The Brought Low “Till The Next Goodbye”
Scott Reeder “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You”
Tectonic Break “How Can You Win”
Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned “The Pusher”

Radio Track – Morsel “It’s Too Late” (Carole King)