In New Haven, Connecticut I’m standing amongst a swaying crowd of long hair, tattoos, and canned beer confidant I’m hearing the coolest band I’ve seen in rock music in a long time. Lord Fowl, a four piece whose retro riffs and looks make me question what decade it is and why I’ve never heard of this band…?! Overall, their talents surprise me, and I’m not easily impressed. From their shot-of-Jack half-time-pounding heavy grooves… To a something-smells-great-in-here and I’m definitely going home with this blonde psychedelic-feel-good vibe – Lord Fowl delivers. Luckily the difference between their live show and their recorded music is minimal. I have listened to both and they have a soulful intensity not easily matched by any band around. With the dual vocals and guitars of Jaynes and Pellegrino, LF establishes themselves as a unique talent in rock music today. LF summons Deep Purple and Hendrix in their track Moonqueen, where the perfect blend of Gillen-esque vocals and spacious well-crafted riffs leave room for their drummer Freeman, whose tasteful fills are refreshing and downright kick ass. As they move through songs like Quicksand and Dirty Driving I’m amazed at the versatility of LF…. catchy choruses, sweet harmony vocals, call and response leads – they got it. Want raw power and melodic lines drenched in Marshall distortion? – then a tune like “Touch Your Groove” with Conine’s fuzzy/funky bass will suffice. Is it the 1970’s where we champion cosmic psychedelic mystics and the blatant power of sexuality? Cuz LF makes me feel like rolling up and getting down. Another Schaeffer? Why not! When I’m grooving out to their more psychedelic heavy tunes like “100 Years” and “Pluto” I’m banging my head in true bliss. You don’t feel the need to sift through a million notes to locate the hooks in LF’s music – it’s right there – screaming from the radio of a ’71 Challenger, burning down the “Streets of Evermore” – another song testament to the originality and marketability of LF. If you haven’t done it yet, give Lord Fowl a listen or check out their live show. Me, I feel lucky to have found this band.

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Nationality: U.S.A

Resident in: New Haven, Connecticut