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Medusa Cyclone – “Tangier” (CD)

Produced by Keir McDonald Tracks 1-9 Mixed @ Plastic Box Studio by Ron Gutzeit & Keir McDonald. Tracks 10 Mixed @ Highberg Audio by John Dana Highberg. Mastered by Chris Gooseman. Design by Be Hussey for company. All material written, recorded and produced by Keir McDonald, except for: "Orange Sunshine" - Mike Alonso (drums), John Nash (acoustic guitar). "Black Cobra" - Mike Alonso (drums), Gavin McDonald (synth, short wave noise).


Los Natas – “El Hombre Montaña” (CD)

Sergio Ch.: Guitar & Vocals Walter Broide: Drums & Vocals Gonzalo Crudo Villagra: Bass Produced by: Los Natas and Billy Anderson Recorded @ Abasto Studios. Engineered by Billy Anderson. Assisted & Edited by Claudio Romandini. Mastered by Billy Anderson. Artwork by Sergio Ch.


Los Natas – “Corsario Negro” (CD)

Sergio Ch.: Guitar & Vocals Walter Broide: Drums & Vocals Gonzalo Crudo Villagra: Bass Produced by: Los Natas and Billy Anderson Recorded @ Abasto Studios. Engineered by Billy Anderson. Assisted & Edited by Claudio Romandini. Mastered by Billy Anderson. Artwork by Sergio Ch.


Lord Sterling – “Today’s Song for Tomorrow” (CD)

Jim Baglino: Bass Guitar, Moog, Baritone Guitar, Echoplex Robert Ryan: Vocals, Electric Sitar, Harmonium, Shenai, Percussion Mike Schweigert: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Moog, Percussion Jason Silverio: Drums and Percussion Additional Personnel: Keith Ackerman: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals Shane M. Green: Hammond Organ, Piano, Strings Cover Painting by Neil O'Brien. Black and White Photo by Sara Stadtmiller. Color Photo by Patrick Malpass. TV Skull Photo by Puddin. Layout by Jason Silverio.


Soul Clique – “Only One Division” (CD)

Recorded by Soul Clique @ The Crib Detroit, MI. Mixed @ Wilray Studios - Detroit, MI. Engineered by Rayse Biggs. Originally Released Summer of 1998. Soul Clique is the creation of a trio of Detroit musicians and a DJ who carry a pedigree worth noting just before you get completely lost in their ethereal, funky, slowburn grooveworld. Soul Clique is Enemy Squad and P-Funk touring band member Duminie DePorres, Aretha Franklin touring bassist Joseph Hayden and DJ James "The Blackman" Harris. Together, they've managed to pull off a surprisingly cool summertime-vibe record. Soul Clique provides the soundtrack to an evening's driving, sipping, loving, grooving, etc. An endearingly creepy sci-fi element and well-chosen samples and atmospheric scratching slip into the mix often enough to keep the proceedings from getting too straightforward.—Chris Handyside (Metro Times (Detroit))


Slot – “The Sweet Black Bear” (CD)

Alternative Press 4 stars WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Final 1995 recordings of highly underrated mid-'90s Michigan-based atmospheric groove merchants who once shared an AP cover with Iggy Pop (AP 62, Sept. 1993). WHAT'S NEW: If you've never heard their vibrant mix of massive riffs and textural iridescence, well, it's all new to you, punker. DonÆt feel bad: Back then, hipster scum were raving about Sebadoh's Bubble And Scrape instead of embracing Slot's majesty. IS IT WORTH IT: Absolutely. Consider: When the band played a one-off gig at SXSW this year, they needed two players to replicate the vision of guitarist Billy Rivkin, who succumbed to cancer in 2004. It's the greatest legacy you've never heard. [JP] June, 2007


The Glasspack – “Dirty Women” (CD)

SS-071/2007 the Glasspack is: ”Dirty” Dave Johnson: Vocals, Electric Guitars Chad Omen: Electric Bass Guitars Eric McManus: Drums Brian Foor: Keys, Organs, Sermons Joey Toscano: Website Eric “Rico” Rackutt: Support Produced by D.R. Johnson & Nick Stevens. Recorded on two inch tape by Nick Stevens. Additional recording by Brian Haulter at Downtown Recording Studios, Louisville, KY. Mixed by Chris Greenwell & D.R. Johnson at Downtown Recording Studios Louisville, KY. Mastered By Chris Gooseman at Solid Sound Studios, Ann Arbor, MI. Art, photography & design direction by D.R. Johnson. Photography by Brett Holsclaw. Artwork by Joey Toscano.


The Glasspack – “Bridgeburner” (CD)

SS-041/2004 "Dirty" Dave Johnson: Guitar, Vocals Brett "The Cap’n" Holsclaw: Drums Andrew "Lil’Bucky" Garret: Bass Rico Rackutt: Steering Wheels, Buzzsaw Additional Musicians: Phil Durr: Guitars (tracks 2-7) Sam Vail: Bass & Guitars (tracks 2-6) Ed Mundell: Lead Guitar(track 11) Bobby Pantella: Bass (track 7) Scott Hamilton: Guitar (track 6) Recorded at Rustbelt Studios Engineered by Robert Burrows, Dave Allison Mixed by Bobby Pantella Mastered by Chris Gooseman at Solid Sound Skulls & Flames by Mike Saputo


V.A. – “Right in the Nuts (A Tribute to Aerosmith)” (Double CD)

SS-018/2000 Hey, just when your thought your were safe from those damn tribute records, we decided to throw one at you. So you want the lowdown...well...take a look at the line-up below and imagine these underground power-houses aggressively kickin' the jams of America's finest rock n roll band. From acid to sludge to funk to punk to blues and is all in there. The cover is rendered by the world famous Mark Dancey (Big Chief, Motorbooty Magazine). Side 1 Fireball Ministry - "Movin Out" Altamont - "Make It" Scissorfight - "Lick And Promise" Atomic Bitchwax - "Combination" Puny Human - "Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)" The Quill - "S.O.S. (Too Bad)" Five Horse Johnson - "Bright Light Fright" Honky - "Adam's Apple" Voltage - "Draw The Line" Speedball - "Rats in The Cellar" Electric Frankenstein - "Sick As A Dog" Drunk Horse - "Kings And Queens" The Want - "Let The Music Do The Talking" Soul Clique - "Last Child" Iron Boss - "Train Kept A Rollin' " Side 2 Alabama Thunderpussy - "Sweet Emotion" Half Man - "Round & Round" Roadsaw - "Toys In The Attic" Solace - "Nobody's Fault" Natas - "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" The Men Of Porn - "Lightning Strikes" Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - "Chip Away At The Stone" Raging Slab - "Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)" Volume - "Walkin' The Dog" NovaDriver - "Seasons Of Wither" Red Giant - "Lord Of The Thighs" Core - "Soul Shaker"


Tummler – “Early Man” (CD)

SS-033/2002 Brad Buldak: Guitar & Vocals Jay Vance: Drums Ginchy: Bass Ryan Jerzak: Guitar Total Running Time: 47 minutes Recorded by Matt Talbott @ Great Western Studios. Mixed by Matt Talbott @ Private Studios. Mastered by Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound. Artwork by Jay Vance. * Hidden tracks available on first pressing only


Throttlerod – “Starve The Dead” (CD)

SS-051/2004 Matt Whitehead: Vocals and Guitar Chris Sundstrom: Bass Kevin White: Drums Additional Musicians: William Leslie & Andrew Schneider. Produced by: Andrew Schneider & Throttlerod. Recorded by: Andrew Schneider January 2004 in NYC. Mastered by: Nick Zampiello. Artwork by: Elizabeth Hollowa.


Throttlerod – “Nail” (CD)

SS-063/2006 Throttlerod is: Matt Whitehead: Vocals and Guitars Chris Sudnstrom: Bass and Backing Vocals Kevin White: Drums Additional Vocals on "Shovel" by Jim Starace, Josh Diamond, Jason Diamond, and Dave Crofton. Additional Vocals on "A Fly on the Fault Line" by Andrew Schneider. Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Andrew Schneider @ Translator Audio in Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Boston, MA. Artwork by William Leslie.


Throttlerod – “Hell And High Water” (CD)

SS-039/2003 Matt Whitehead: Vocals, Guitars Kevin White: Drums Chris Sundstrom: Bass, Backing Vocals Bo Leslie: Guitars Recorded and mixed at New Alliance Studios Engineered and mixed by Andrew Schneider Produced by Andrew Schneider Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Design: Bo Leslie Layout: Bill Rose Photographers: Ole Six Berries and Ashly Hutchens


The Glasspack – “Powderkeg” (CD)

SS-029/2002 "Dirty" Dave Johnson: Guitar, Vocals Brett "The Cap’n" Holsclaw: Drums Andrew "Lil’Bucky" Garret: Bass Rico Rackutt: Steering Wheels, Buzzsaw Recorded @ The Museum by Will & William Jr. Mixed by Al "Rusty" Sutton & @ Rustbelt. Mastered by Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound. Artwork by Mike Saputo.


Five Horse Johnson – “The No. 6 Dance” (CD)

Eric Oblander: Vox & Harp Brad Coffin: Guitar & Vox Steve Smith: Bass Additional Musicians: Chuck Mauk: Drums on Tracks 2-7,9,10, & 12 Billy Reedy: Lead Guitar on Tracks 7 & 12 Kenny Olson: Lead Guitar on Tracks 2 & 6 Jimmy Bones: Hammond and Backing Vocals on Tracks 2 & 6 Mark Miers: Piano on track 8 Sandman: Other Lead Guitar on 7 Al Sutton: Backing Vocals on Track 7 Bob Ebeling: Melotron on track 11 Phil Durr: Guitar on track 5 Executive Producer: Scott Hamilton Fine Arts: Mark Dancey Produced by: Al Sutton, Scott Hamilton, & Bill Kozy Recorded @ Rustbelt Studios, Royal Oak, MI during the Fall months of 2000. Engineererd by: Bill Kozy, Dan Winters, Bob Ebeling, and occasionally Al Sutton. Mastered by: Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound, Ann Arbor, MI


Five Horse Johnson – “The Mystery Spot” (CD)

Five Horse Johnson is: Brad Coffin: Vox & Guitars Eric Oblander: Vox & Harp Steve Smith: Bass Additional Musicians: Jean Paul Gaster: Drums on all tracks Iann Ross: Additonal Guitar Solos on "Gin Clear" and "Drag You There" Phil Durr: 2nd Guitar on "...of Ditch Diggers and Drowning Men" Craig Riggs: Keys, Backing Vocals Dave Unger: Keys Rob Lohr: Slide solo on "...of Ditch Diggers and Drowning Men" Basic Tracks recorded @ Effigy Studios - Ferndale, MI. Basic Tracks produced and recorded by Bill Kozy. Assistant Engineer: Josh Brown. Overdubs were recorded by Sam Vail @ Vailcode Studios - Ypsilanti, MI. Additional Tracking @ Mad Oak Studios - Allston, MA. Produced and Mixed by Craig Riggs @ Mad Oak. Mastered by Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound - Ann Arbor, MI. Fine Arts: Mark Dancey. Textiles: Vince Williams @ Creative Print - Hazel Park, MI. Executive Producer: Scott Hamilton. Jr. Executive Producer: Steve Smith.


Five Horse Johnson – “Fat Black Pussycat” (CD)

Eric Oblander: Vox & Harp Brad Coffin: Guitar & Vox Steve Smith: Bass The Lefty: Drums & Percussion Additional Musicians on "I Cried" Jimmy Bones: Keys Phil Durr: Guitar Recorded @ Rustbelt Studios - Royal Oak, MI. Produced By Dave Piechura and Al Sutton. Mastered by Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound - Ann Arbor, MI. Artwork by Mark Dancey.


ERIK LARSON – “The Resounding” (CD)

Erik Larson: Vocals, Guitars, Drums Sam Krivanec: Bass Kachina Oxindine: Additional Vocals Recorded by Mark Miley at Glass Hand Studios. Mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Sound. Photos by: Christine Boarts Larson & Opie Taylor. Layout by Brian “The Butcher” Cox. Produced by Erik Larson.


DOZER – “Through the Eyes of Heathens” (CD)

Frederik Nordin: Vocals and GuitarTommi Holappa: Lead GuitarJohan Rockner: Bass GuitarDaniell Liden: DrumsAdditional Vocals: Troy Sanders of Mastodon


Dixie Witch – “Smoke & Mirrors” (CD)

Dixie Witch is: Bass & Vox: Curt Christenson Guitars: Clayton Mills Drums & Vox: Trinidad Leal Produced, engineered and mixed by Joel Hamilton @ Studio Read more


Dixie Witch – “One Bird, Two Stones” (Remixed & Remastered) (CD)

Limited addition of only 500! We decided to right a wrong, and had this baby completely re-mixed and re-mastered for your ears. This masterpiece now sounds the way it was intended.