SS-021 :: FIVE HORSE JOHNSON – No. 6 Dance

SS-021 :: FIVE HORSE JOHNSON – No. 6 Dance

Label: Small Stone Records

Release date: April 10th, 2001

Catalog number: SS-021

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Mississippi King
Mississippi King


1. Intro
2. Mississippi King
3. Spillin’ Fire
4. Silver
5. Gods of Demolition
6. Shine Around
7. It Ain’t Easy
8. Hollerin’
9. Lollipop
10. Swallow the World
11. Buzzard Luck
12. Odella



They don’t make them like this too often anymore. No. 6 Dance is American rock & roll from the heartland with Five Horse Johnson hopping a freight train and riding the rails from rootsy blues to acid rock to ’70s guitar-band heaviness. The album takes Led Zeppelin’s brand of psychedelic stoner tunes and puts them in a stars-and-stripes T-shirt. “Mississippi King” is a catchy jam that would have suited Skynyrd just fine. “Spillin’ Fire” takes the old school harmonica blues and rocks out with them, and “It Ain’t Easy” makes for a sweet, Southern, sun-drenched cover. “Gods of Demolition,” the title that best befits Five Horse Johnson, showcases Brad Coffin’s demon guitar and Eric Oblander’s desert rocking, Kyuss-esque vocals. But the best song on the disc has got to be “Shine Around,” a groovy, circular, Black Crowes-style jam with a singalong chorus — a tune worthy of the smokiest middle-American teen bedrooms circa 1973.  – ALL MUSIC


Five Horse Johnson is:
Eric Oblander: vox & harp
Brad Coffin: vox & guitar
Steve Smith: bass

Additional Musicians:
Chuck Mauk: drums on Tracks 2-7,9,10, & 12
Billy Reedy: lead guitar on tracks 7 & 12
Kenny Olson: lead guitar on tracks 2 & 6
Jimmy Bones: organ and backing vocals on Tracks 2 & 6
Mark Miers: piano on track 8
Sandman: other lead guitar on 7
Al Sutton: backing vocals on Track 7
Bob Ebeling: melotron on track 11
Phil Durr: guitar on track 5

Executive Producer: Scott Hamilton.
Fine Arts: Mark Dancey.
Produced by: Al Sutton, Scott Hamilton, & Bill Kozy.
Recorded at Rustbelt Studios, Royal Oak, MI.
Engineered by: Bill Kozy, Dan Winters, Bob Ebeling, and occasionally Al Sutton.
Mastered by: Chris Gooseman at Solid Sound, Ann Arbor, MI