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Freedom Hawk – “Holding On” (CD)

It is almost impossible to write a review about FREEDOM HAWK without mentioning Ozzy Osbourne. This is due primarily to the lead vocals of guitarist T.R. Morton whose style reminds you immediately to the first frontman of Black Sabbath. Therefore, he is in good company with Sheavy vocalist Steve Hennessey or Dan Fondelius of Count Raven. But also in other areas, early Black Sabbath left behind traces that cannot be missed. Early Black Sabbath means in this context the 1975 - 1978 period, by the way. These are exactly the components of FREEDOM HAWK that I really appreciate instead of complaining about the obvious similarities. Why? Because FREEDOM HAWK manage to add their own personality to their heavy fuzzed-out 1970's-infected Sabbathian rock.Cosmic Lava


Backwoods Payback – “Momantha” (CD)

Fresh out of Small Stone Records’ favorite house of recording, Mad Oak Studios, comes West Chester, Pennsylvania’s own Backwoods Payback’s latest record, Momantha. This one is for fans of gritty wailing vocals and doomed out stoner riffs. Momantha is Backwoods Payback’s debut record on Small Stone Records and it lives up to the credentials, which is to say it certainly rocks hard.The Good, The Bad, and The Doomy…


Ironweed – “Your World of Tomorrow” (CD)

A rallying cry against the post-modern dystopia in which we live, the nine-cut, 40-minute full-length is rife with crisp songwriting, clear presentation and an overall straightforward style that the four-piece is well suited to. As per the Small Stone norm, tracking and mixing was handled by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios in Massachusetts, and as per his norm, there’s no sacrifice of the band’s formidable live energy in the name of getting a professional sound. Your World of Tomorrow is heavy rock for heavy rockers, and I know there are plenty out there who will find satisfaction in the aggression and payoff these songs have to offer.-- H.P. Taskmaster, The Obelisk


Lo-Pan – “Salvador” (CD)

raging, beating heart with a big set of balls hanging underneath is what immediately comes to mind whenever I think of Columbus, Ohio’s powerhouse quartet Lo-Pan. This band runs on nothing but steam powered emotion, and honest rock n’ roll.- Jay Snyder, Hellride Music


Tia Carrera – “Cosmic Priestess” (CD)

CD version includes the bonus track, "Wolf in Wolf's Clothing", plus an extended version of "Saturn Missile Battery".Firing up fuzzy freak jams and roughshod riffs from the outset, the album itself, like the music, is a real trip, with opener “Slave Cylinder” delivering earthly, 70s-inspired, knuckle-dusted fury before coasting into the clouds with “Sand, Stone and Pearl.” Where it really takes off, though, is when the meteoric, near 34-minute “Saturn Missile Battery” kicks in and you find yourself on a galactic tour de force that’ll make you think you’re at the Roadburn festival on, well, Saturn. Closer “A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing” grounds you there for good, its moon rock groove forcing Saturn’s rings into a wobbly spin like warped vinyl. Have a nice life on planet high, buddy, because you’re never coming home.- Jeff Warren, Broken Beard

Suplecs – “Mad Oak Redoux” (CD)

This is the new Suplecs record. They've been around since 1996. They are the real deal,amazing, legendary, and you WILL buy this record.It took five long years to climb out of the hole that that damned hurricane left but it left a stronger band in it's wake. No longer the simple good old boys that like to make a stellar racket - the men of Suplecs finally have recorded an album befit their pedigree. The resulting“Mad Oak Redoux” is a mature work from a band that's learned when to pull it's punches. Ten tracks of steady-as-she-goes rock that can swing and groove just as much as it can blow a house down. Look for a tour in Spring 2011 with Dixie Witch. Like étouffée, beignets and Po boy's, Suplecs is one New Orleans delicacy that simply must be experienced to be fuller appreciated.


Roadsaw – “s/t” (CD)

The highly anticipated new album from the mighty Roadsaw!Unbelievable guitar tones on this one, folks; every song just dripping with fuzzy love. Who can make an album that's heavy as fuck, while simultaneously delivering hooks that will have you singing along before you've even made it through your first spin? ROADSAW, that's who!!!


The Might Could -” s/t” (CD)

When a star burns as brightly as it did for Virginia's Alabama Thunderpussy, it's not surprising that it might take a while for the ashes to cool enough to get close. That probably explains why it's taken Erik Larson so long to put together a proper new band. Two solo albums, countless side projects and a whole lot of patient waiting from fans finds a whole new beast ready to rise from the ashes. Emerging from the cloud of black soot and flames left by Alabama Tunderpussy and Face Down In Shit, respectively, is the Might Could. Just a couple of good old southern boys who set out to "follow the riff" and they take us all along for the ride.


Lo-Pan “Sasquanaut” – Remixed & Remastered (CD)

As I said a handful of reviews ago, it's always refreshing when I come across an album that doesn't reek of the usual influences. Enter Columbus, Ohio's Lo Pan, who eschews the Kyuss-Sabbath-Queens of the Stone Age trifecta for that of Boston's Only Living Witness.Most of that stems from vocalist Jeff Martin, who's a dead ringer for OLW frontman Jonah Jenkins. But that's not to say that the rest of the band - Brian Fristoe, J. Bartz, and Skot Thompson – isn't that far removed from the Innocents and Prone Mortal Form hardcore-meets-rock riff slinging. There's definitely a correlation between Sasquanaut's “Dragline” and “Kramer” and OLW's “Total Particle Reversal” and “December.”Mind you, I'm not complaining. In the wild, wooly world of stoner rock, there are more than enough bands dishing out the prerequisite fat riffs and thick grooves. It's refreshing to hear a rock band that balances a harder edge with some classic, soaring vocals. You get that in spades with Sasquanaut, and if you're a fan of OLW - or Disengage, another like-minded band that burned bright and fast – you'll find Lo Pan to be exactly what you need.-- Arzgarth,


Blackwolfgoat – “Dragonwizardsleeve” (CD)

As a former member of alt-rockers Milligram, stoner rockers Roadsaw, and hard rockers Hackman, guitarist Darryl Shepard is no stranger to musical versatility, but his Read more


Red Giant – “Dysfunctional Majesty” (CD)

Once again Red Giant have done it. Their third album, and second under Small Stone, this four piece band from Cleveland have put together another must have for 2010. Dysfunctional Majesty is the followup to to 2004's Devil Child Blues. After a six year wait, the album is finally upon us.


Black Sleep of Kali – “Our Slow Decay” (CD)

This album is massive! In fact, it's not even an album. It's a 200 ton monolith emanating riffs of doom - causing all who approach it to bang their heads into epic rock oblivion."Our Slow Decay" is a record full of huge riffs, catchy vocals, and furious drumming. It's sure to leave a giant, smoldering, footprint on the the doommetal genre's collective ass cheek.


Gozu – Locust Season (CD)

Gozu's "Locust Season" is a must have, and has our vote for album of the year! The songs are stellar, the production is bad ass, and the band delivered the goods and then some on this album.


Solace – “A.D.” (CD)

One of the most anticipated underground rock records of the decade - and just in time, too! If you haven't heard of Solace, or this long overdue album, no better time to get yourself edumacated than now.


The Brought Low – “Third Record” (CD)

There are a lot of retro-minded guitar bands who plunder the pre-punk 70s for nuggets of gold, but few quite as deft and inspired as the BROUGHT LOW are on Third Record. While most of these acts drink deeply from only one or two mugs, the New York City trio slakes its thirst from several sources: the Detroit fury of the MC5 and the STOOGES, the American roots-infused grooves of the ROLLING STONES, the lighter-waving dynamics of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, the big hooks of the arena rock hordes from the early part of the Me Decade. Even better, the band mixes and matches freely, playing various iterations of rock & roll less as style-jumping and more as a continuum. Add leader BENJAMIN HOWARD SMITH‘s smart, soulful writing and gritty twang (aggressive but never macho) and the result is the rip-roaring rock of “Old Century” and “Matthew’s Grave,” the slow bluesy burn of “Blow Out Your Candles” and “You’re My Favorite Waste of Time” and the soulful balladry of “Last Man Alive” and “A Thousand Miles Away.” Previous albums have been excellent, but Third Record takes the group to a whole ‘nother level, indisputably placing the Brought Low in the ranks of the Great American Bands.- Michael TolandMarch 6th, 2010


ALL TIME HIGH – Friend in High Places (Remaster) (CD)

Van Conner sings backup vox on Rule of Thirds, Land of the Free and No Mind.Jack Endino sings backup vox on Twistin' the Knife Away, New Urge and Already Gone.Recorded and Mixed by Jack Endino at Soundhouse in Seattle, WA.Mastered by Chris Gooseman at Baseline Audio in Ann Arbor, MI.All Songs written and performed by All Time High.


Sasquatch – “III” (CD)

If any band in this century is fit to follow in the mighty Zeppelin’s footsteps by naming each successive album with it’s corresponding Roman numeral, it has got to be Sasquatch.  “III” picks up right where “I” and “II” left off.  The men of Sasquatch turn the blues upside down, pass it under a stream of vintage psychedelia, puree it in and blender and then run it through Mojave Amplification.“III” is the sound of a band coming into its own, finding its footing and standing tall.  The songs are thick and fully realized.  The sounds resonate and run free like a beast in the wild.  And with guests like Monster Magnet’sEd Mundellthe surprises just don’t stop.Look for the album in stores this April and on the road this Spring.  Catch the beast before it disappears again between the trees.


Skånska Mord – “The Last Supper” (CD)

Killer 70s inspired rock from Sweden!


Porn – “Experiments in Feedback” (CD)

This is now out of print! "Without question one of the biggest surprises of the year. Porn have created an ambitious cd that straddles the line between drone and heavysludge/riff rock. Listing the members former bands gives more than just an inkling of their sound as they are comprised of former members of: Ritual Device, Buzzov.en, Acid King, Swans and El Dopa. Kicking things off is a marvelous cover of Pink Floyd's "One Of These Days". They dispense with the minimal vocals and give the Melvins version a run for its money.- Roadburn Magazine


House of Broken Promises – “Using the Useless” (CD)

Arthur Seay: Guitars, VoxEddie Plascencia: Bass, Lead VoxMike Cancino: Drums

  1. Blister
  2. Obey the Snake
  3. Physco Plex
  4. Highway Grit
  5. Justify
  6. Torn
  7. Buried Away
  8. Broken Life
  9. Walk on By
  10. Ladron (spanish version)
  11. The Hurt (paid my dues)

Luder – “Sonoluminescence” (CD)

Eric Miller: Drums & Percussion Sue Lott: Bass & Vox Phil Dürr: Guitars & Things Scott Hamilton: Guitars & Too Many Effect Pedals