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Gozu – Locust Tee

Gozu - Locust Season. Black ink on army green tee.


Greatdayforup – “Flores de Sangre” (CD)

Mike Langone: Vocals, Percussion Mike Vitali: Guitar, Vocals Jay Sunkes: Guitar, Vocals Brendan Slater: Bass, Vocals Jared Krak: Drums, Vocals Recorded at New Alliance - Boston, MA Mixed by Bob Pantella at The Laundry Room.


Greenleaf – “Agents Of Ahriman” (CD)

Tommi Holappa: Guitars Bengt Bäcke: Bass Erik Bäckwall: Drums Oskar Cedermalm: Vocals Peder Bergstrand: Vocals (Black Tar) John Hermansen: Vocals (Ride Another Highway) Jocke Åhslund: Hammond John Hoyles: Guitar Solo (Highway Officer) Linus Arnberg: Mumblin’ man (Treehorn) and Cowbell (Stray Bullit Woman) Emil Leo: And Now What?! Produced and mixed by Bengt Bäcke & Tommi Holappa Engineered by Bengt Bäcke Mastered by Chris Goosman at Solid Sound - Ann Arbor, MI Sleeve design, artwork and photos by Erik Bäckwall Recorded at: Rockhouse Studios - Borlänge, Sweden Additional Studios: Bombshelter - Örebro, Sweden & Grey Hate - Enköping, Sweden


GREENLEAF – “Agents Of Ahriman” Ltd. 180g Vinyl

180 gram vinyl, Limited to 500 units... Transparent Orange. This is the German import pressing via Cargo Records Germany.


Greenleaf – “Nest of Vipers” (CD)

Greenleaf is:Tommi Holappa: GuitarBengt Bäcke: BassOskar Cedermalm: VocalsJohan Rockner: GuitarOlle Mårthans: DrumsGuests:Fredrik Nordin : Vocals (Nest of Vipers)Per Wiberg: Organ (Lilith and Nest of Vipers)Peder Bergstrand: Vocals (Sunken Ships)Drums,bass & guitars recorded at Studio Gröndahl by Karl Daniel Lidén.Vocals recorded at Bombshelter studio by Oskar Cedermalm.Mixed by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamb Studio.Mastered by Magnus LindbergCover illustration by Gem ( by Daniel SjödinLayout by Johan Rockner


Greenleaf – “Secret Alphabets” (CD)

Fredrik Nording: Vocals Daniel Jansson: Guitars Tommi Holappa: Guitars Bengt Bäcke: Bass Daniel Lidén: Drums, Percussion Recorded Between December 2002 and March 2003 at the Rockhouse Studio, Borläang Sweden. Produced and mixed by Greenleaf. Engineered by Bengt Bäcke.


Greenleaf – Trails & Passes (CD)

When a band names itself Greenleaf, you can bet your bottom bollock they're either clean living straight-edgers that drink nothing stronger than a cup of green tea, or that they're partial to the occasional skunk-packed jazz cigarette. On discovering that this band's music comprises of murmured vocals and '70s style fuzzy guitar riffs, I'd be willing to wager another gonad that it's the latter substance that floats their boat. This band is all about the riffs. They combine this with the heavy fuzz that they’re known for, and it’s a pretty sweet result. But thankfully, it’s not too reliant on the thicker fuzzy stuff, and GREENLEAF make it clear that they’re here to rock our socks off.


Hackman – “The New Normal” (CD)

Guitar, Vocals: Darryl Bass, Trumpet, Backing Vocals: Jase Drums, Backing Vocals: Todd Recording: At Moontower, by Marc Schleicher, August 2006. Mastering: At New Alliance East, by Nick Zampiello. Songs: By Hackman Band photos: Pia Schachter Original cover photos: Darryl Cover construction: Mike Saputo Kickstart: JR Roach Unwavering support: John Pegoraro Thanks: To you


Hackman – Enterprises (CD)

Riffs upon riffs. Wave upon wave of endless tone.  Hail the sludge. Bring on the end times.


Halfway To Gone – “s/t” (CD)

Lee Stuart: Guitars, Hammond, Keys Danny Gollin: Drums, Vocals on track 10 Lou Gorra: Bass & Vocals Addtional Musicians: Billy Reedy: Additional Guitar Phil Durr: Ridiculator Scott Hamilton: Feedback Recorded @ Rustbelt Studios. Produced by Produced By: Halfaway To Gone, Bob Pantella, and Robert Burrows. Mixed by Bob Pantella @ The Laundry Room. Engineered by Robert Burrows, Bobby Fostex, and Dave Allison. Mastered By Chis Gosseman @ Solid Sound. Art, Design by Mike Saputo.


Halfway To Gone – “Second Season” (CD)

Lou Gorra: Bass & Vocals Lee Stuart: Guitar Kenny Wagner: Drums Additional Musicians: Eric Oblander: Harp on track 7 Scott Hamilton: Noise on tracks 5 & 11 Phil Durr: Ridiculator on track 11 Produced by Halfway To Gone. Recorded @ W.O.M. Studios by Charlie Schaefer. Mixed by Al Sutton @ Rustbelt. Mastered by Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound. Artwork by Mike Saputo


Halfway to Gone logo tee – Short Sleeve

Halfway to Gone logo in yellow on a dark blue t-shirt.


Honky – “Balls Out Inn” (CD)

Honky is: J.D. Pinkus: Bass, Banjo, & Neckhole Bobby Ed landgraf: Guitar & Neckhole Kenny Wagner: Drums & Percussion Additional Players: Gordie: Slide Solo on (1), Acoustic on (6) & (13) Rae Craig: Vocals on (2) & (7) Ezra Reynolds: Hammond B3 & Leslie on (7) Produced by J.D. Pinkus Sound Consultant: Gordie Johnson Engineer: John Harvey Assistant Engineer: Mary Podio Harvey Recorded & Mixed @ Tophat Recording Studio/ Austin, TX Massturd By Chris Goosman @ Solid Sound/ Ann Arbor, MI Art & Design By Jared Connor


House of Broken Promises – “Using the Useless” (CD)

Arthur Seay: Guitars, VoxEddie Plascencia: Bass, Lead VoxMike Cancino: Drums

  1. Blister
  2. Obey the Snake
  3. Physco Plex
  4. Highway Grit
  5. Justify
  6. Torn
  7. Buried Away
  8. Broken Life
  9. Walk on By
  10. Ladron (spanish version)
  11. The Hurt (paid my dues)

House of Broken Promises – Using the Useless (Green Swirl Vinyl)

180 gram, green swirled vinyl, Gatefold packaging. Slightly different mastering then the cd version, but also mastered by Mr. Goosman, so you know it was done right.


Infernal Overdrive – “Last Rays of the Dying Sun” (CD)

If you are a fan of Grand Funk, Cactus, Blue Cheer and Led Zeppelin, then this is the next album you need to purchase. Heavy riffs and killer song writing.


Iota – “Tales” (CD)

Joey Toscano: Guitars, VocalsOz: BassAndy Patterson: DrumsRecorded and Mixed by Andy PattersonMastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio - Ann Arbor, MIBlues harp on “Opiate Blues” by Bad Brad WheelerArtwork by Brian Koschak


Iota – Alien Acid Pope Tee

Black t-shirt with silver ink.


Ironweed – “Indian Ladder” (CD)

"Born from the ashes of the critically-acclaimed GreatdayforupIronweed is a veritable supergroup of local Albany area veterans.  Bands who have for the past decade have been chipping away at the bloated underbelly of corporate rock.  With the demise of GDFU the core group of Mike Vitali (Guitar), Brendan Slater (Bass), & Jim Feck (Drums) began the ardous task of putting a band back together.  Turns out it wasn't that hard.  With the concurrent demised of another Albany favorite, Held Under, Mike & the boys were able to add the exceptional vocal chords of Jeff Andrews.  With that line-up we might have ended up with GDFU mark 2 but Jeff had another idea.  Luring in the considerable skills and second guitar of Ryan Rapp (Endicott) filled out the Ironweed sound and has added a whole new dimension to the sludgy rock that these Upsate New Yorkers make.  Since 2007, Ironweed has earned themselves nationwide recognition on the metal/ stoner rock circuit tearing up stages both big and small. Their much anticipated Small Stone debut, "Indian Ladder", shows a band at the peak of their game.  The hooks are big, the riffs are bigger, and the songs show a level of connection it takes most new bands years to achieve.For fans of SolaceIota, GreatdayforupMilligram, and Roadsaw.


Ironweed – “Your World of Tomorrow” (CD)

A rallying cry against the post-modern dystopia in which we live, the nine-cut, 40-minute full-length is rife with crisp songwriting, clear presentation and an overall straightforward style that the four-piece is well suited to. As per the Small Stone norm, tracking and mixing was handled by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios in Massachusetts, and as per his norm, there’s no sacrifice of the band’s formidable live energy in the name of getting a professional sound. Your World of Tomorrow is heavy rock for heavy rockers, and I know there are plenty out there who will find satisfaction in the aggression and payoff these songs have to offer.-- H.P. Taskmaster, The Obelisk


Ironweed – “Your World of Tomorrow” Blue/White Swirl Vinyl

Limited to 250 on Blue & White Swirl, 180 gram vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.Risen from the ashes of the critically-acclaimed Greatdayforup, Ironweed is a veritable supergroup of Albany’s most seasoned veterans bands who have for the past decade have been chipping away at the bloated underbelly of corporate rock. With the demise of GDFU the core group of Mike Vitali and Brendan Slater began the arduous task of assembling a heavier, tighter band. The timely demise of another Albany favorite, Held Under, added to the mix, along with the addition of the exceptional vocal chords of Jeff Andrews. The considerable skills of second guitarist Ryan Rapp filled out the Ironweed sound , adding a mind-blowing new dimension to the titanic rock that these Upstate New Yorkers make. Dan Dinsmore later joined behind the drum adding the final ingredient to Ironweed’s powerhouse sound, just in time for "Your World Tomorrow."For fans of: Solace, Black Sabbath, Trouble, Judas Priest, Kyuss, Iota, Greatdayforup, Black Sleep Of Kali, Milligram, and Roadsaw.