SS-064 :: ANTLER – Nothing That A Bullet Couldn’t Cure

SS-064 :: ANTLER – Nothing That A Bullet Couldn’t Cure

Label: Small Stone Records

Release date: 2006

Catalog number: SS-064/2006


Deep In A Hole
Deep In A Hole
Behind The Key
They Know I'm The One

“Nothing That A Bullet Couldn’t Cure” picks up where Antler’s self titled debut left off and takes the listener on an aural trip down memory lane. The heavy has been replaced by depth and the riotous rawk of youth has given way to a more developed sense of self-aware songwriting. The eleven tracks of “Nothing That A Bullet Couldn’t Cure” showcases a band that has grown up both on the road and on A.M. radio. The vagaries of what’s to come are best left to professionals. But history, they say, is doomed to repeat itself. ‘Til then, Antler will wander the woods at night, gun in hand, whistling a familiar tune.

“Stumbling somewhere between Bob Seger and Nick Cave, ANTLER provide the perfect soundtrack for black outs, bad news, break ups and breakdowns.”
– CMJ Guide 2005

Brian Strawn: Drums
Iann Ross: Lead Guitar
Craig Riggs: Vocals
Dave Unger: Keys
Marc Schleicher: Bass
Tim Catz: Guitars

Recorded & Produced By Riggs @ Mad Oak Studios – Allston, MA
Mixed by Andrew Scneider
Mastered By Chris Gooseman @ Solid Sound – Ann Arbor, MI
Artwork by Niff